I am a certified EMDR therapist by the EMDR Institute, Inc. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. This a relatively newer (has been around since the 80's) and unique therapy used for victims of traumatic events that can cause PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety.   It is a wonderful tool and helpful in many unique situations to help get clients "unstuck". It is different in that the therapist utilizes typical talk therapy to gather information about trauma, and then uses bilateral stimulation (usually eye movement from side to side) to help us re-process old traumatic memories, so that we can control them, instead of the traumatic memories controlling us, (usually by triggered reactions that we don't see coming). It sounds too good to be true, but the bilateral eye movement is basically the same movement that takes place when we are dreaming R.E.M., so this is a natural way that we process and make meaning of all sorts of things that occur on any given day.  

If you have heard of this type of therapy, or are just learning about it now, let me just say that it WORKS, and it works quickly. It is a unique type of therapy, so I will only use it upon request, and after I am hopeful that this would be helpful for a particular individual's circumstance. 

Insurance does cover this type of therapy, so I use it as an add-on service. It is very exciting to see people able to live their lives free of unresolved traumatic experiences, and in some cases also helps clients to break addictions that they have been using to cope with the traumatic past.

We dont just use EMDR to go back and reprocess trauma, but more and more we are using it very successfully to project into the future, and visualize yourself accomplishing a goal, passing a huge test, picture yourself not smoking or chewing tobacco, picturing yourself sleep soundly through the night, doing great in a public speaking situation.  These are some of the successes that were achieved with doing EMDR in my practice.  

If you want to google EMDR, I would recommend looking up Francine Shapiro, who invented the technique, and this might keep you on legitamate sites, and not a you tube of people who are not certified.  

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