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I am an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and provide MFT post-master's supervision for recent graduates who have completed their Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and who need supervision hours to apply to take the MFT Hawaii State Licensing Exam.  You must be working in the field in a job that provides you with at least an average of 10 hours of therapeutic client contact each week (minimum).  There is also an agreement that your work supervisor would need to sign to show the approval of accepting private supervision.  

     The supervision is held in a group format where the member's discuss/share their most positive and most challanging therapeutic experiences (confidentially of course) with the group.  Each member gives  feedback to, and accepts feedback from the other members.  The group setting is a nice way to learn as it is well represented by members from varied work settings serving multiple target populations.

     As a group, we review various MFT theories and theorists, and focus on one theory at a time.  While focusing on a particular theory we all try to use that theory in our various work settings, and then discuss some of the techniques we used, and what the outcome was.  By reviewing the major MFT theories in the group, and  by using the methods in our work, we aim to "keep the large amount of information fresh " during the two years or more that it takes to complete the supervision process.  There is also time alloted to explain the application process, and explore the vaious study materials out there.  Many groups often pitch in to purchase the study materials and share them with each other to keep the cost minimal.  I also have my own materials from teaching a theories course, to share wtih the group as well.

     The group naturally grows and shrinks as members are on different schedules.  There is a free of charge  counsultation or "2 way" interview to discuss the possibility of our working together, and to ensure it will be a good match for you.  During this meeting the reasonable fee's and expectations will be discussed.  

     These meetings are held every other Tuesday evening at the Kailua Office, from 6-8:30pm. I also provide AAMFT approved supervision for supervisors.  For more information feel free to email or call me to set up an appointment. 

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